Alexander Hengl

born 1984 Vienna, Austria


2004-2013 study at the Academy of Fine Arts; Vienna (Franz Graf, Gunter Damisch)


since 2004 music- and artproject 'theclosing' with Daniela Palma Caetano Auer (2004-2015 as a trio with Lukas Lehner aka TSI)

releases on independent labels Circle Into Square, (Portland, OR), Illuminated Paths (Florida), Laton (A), Sm:artguns (A)


since 2008 'brats'

my solo artproject that concentrates on characters i create

i realize sculptures, photography, videos, prints, drawings and paintings


since 2011 artproject 'LICHENISIERUNG'

a loose collective of nine artists who temper their individual artistic visions in favor of a cooperative, organic way of working. using visual and auditory mediums, the group publicly unravels their strategies of collaboration

with Matthias Bernhard, Iris Dittler, Mark Fridvalszki, Anna Kohlweis, Daniela Palma Caetano Auer, Matthias Peyker, Zsuzsanna Werner, Andreas Werner


since 2013 'wolkenvorhang'

a club for live concerts by national and international artists taking place at various locations in vienna accompanied by a podcastseries to support progressive independent music

founded by Parkwaechter Harlekin and theclosing


2014 'sunday premium by theclosing'

a monthly dj club at rhiz vienna


ASIFA Austria Award/Best Austrian Animation 2011

Preselection, Austrian Film Award 2013, Category ‘Best Short Film’

for 'the way to M' direction/animation: Zsuzsanna Werner, sound: theclosing


since 2004 taking part in and organizing exhibitions, screenings, performances, concerts and other events


exhibitions, screenings, performances, events (selection):


sowohl als auch - in Memoriam Gunter Damisch; xposit Academy of Fine Arts Vienna; Vienna (exhibition)

Wolkenvorhang x Viennale with Buriers, Parkwaechter Harlekin & theclosing; Viennale Festivalzentrum; Vienna (organization)

Wolkenvorhang #016 - #025; rhiz Vienna; Vienna (organization)


Kleine Lieblinge III: Duette; Philo Media; Vienna (exhibition)

Small Things - Vom Wert kleiner Dinge; Hollerei Galerie; Vienna (exhibition)

Artspace Technosonntag; Pratersauna; Vienna (exhibition/screening)

K & K - Vogelfrei; Schikaneder; Vienna (screening)

Austrian Animated Experiments - 30 Jahre ASIFA AUSTRIA; Top Kino; Vienna (screening)

wolkenvorhang / Clubbduzz special; rhiz; Vienna  (organization)

wolkenvorhang #011-#015 at fluc and rhiz; Vienna (organization)


Kleine Lieblinge 2; Philo Media; Vienna (exhibition)

Denkfabrikat Werkschau; mo.ë; Vienna (exhibition)

Alle Meine Voegel; flat 1; Vienna (exhibition)

wolkenvorhang #002-#010; at mo.ë, fluc and rhiz; Vienna (organization)


One Day Animation Festival 2013; Filmcasino; Vienna (screening)

FESA 2013; Belgrade Fortress; Belgrade (RS) (screening)

Kleine Lieblinge; Philo Media; Vienna (exhibition)

brats - diploma exhibition; Academy of Fine Arts; Vienna (exhibition/screening)

wolkenvorhang #001; mo.ë; Vienna (organization)


LICHENISIERUNG; brut Künstlerhaus; Vienna (audio/visual performance)

7 Ateliers; Showroom Galerie Hrobsky; Vienna (exhibition)

LICHENISIERUNG; mo.ë; Vienna (organization/exhibition/performance/screening)

LICHENISIERUNG/Invisible; Academy of Fine Arts; Vienna (exhibition)


BücherInnen, die; Salon für Buchkunst; Vienna (exhibition)

Art Stays 9, Festival of Contemporary Art; Ptuj; (SLO) (exhibition)

Wem die Stunde schlägt - Damisch und Klasse; NÖ Dokumentationszentrum für moderne Kunst; St.Pölten (exhibition)

Affenarbeit - No Dog!-Hyper Flux!; Area 53; Vienna (exhibition)

F.Geo and friends meet the sonic shelter; Academy of Fine Arts; Vienna (exhibition)


No Dog!-Hyper Flux!; masc foundation; Vienna (exhibition)

Sauna 2010 - Festival für extensive Kunst; Brut im Konzerthaus; Vienna (exhibition)

faunetic-faunethik-faunatic; Kro art contemporary; Vienna (organization/exhibition)


10/Kunstakt; Fellner, Wratzfeld und Partner; Vienna (exhibition)

Wo der Pfeffer wächst; Kro art contemporary; Vienna (exhibition)


Schwierige Naturen; Galerie Christine König; Vienna (exhibition)


Imzentrumamrand; touring exhibition; Lower Austria (exhibition)


La Petite Mort; art- and musicfestival; Slavonice (performance)(CZ)


P(a)rt - Ypsilon; Semperdepot; Vienna (exhibition/performance)



concerts with theclosing (selection):


- Wolkenvorhang x Viennale with Buriers, Parkwaechter Harlekin; Viennale Festivalzentrum; Vienna

- with Cars&Trains; Potrvá; Prague; Czech Republic

- Wolkenvorhang #22 with Cars&Trains; Rhiz; Vienna

- Wolkenvorhang #18 with Infinite Livez and John Silver; Rhiz; Vienna

- Wolkenvorhang #16 with Cavanaugh (Open Mike Eagle & Serengeti); Rhiz; Vienna


- Salon Skug/ Wolkenvorhang with Zavoloka; Rhiz; Vienna

- with Dälek; K-SET; Zagreb (CRO)

- with Dälek; Arena; Vienna

- Wolkenvorhang #12 with 2econd Class Citizen and P.tah, Mirac,Testa; Fluc; Vienna


- Soundgarden - 10 Years DSCHUNGEL Wien; MQ Klosterhof; Vienna

- Alle meine Vögel sind schon da; flat1; Vienna

- Wolkenvorhang #6 with Freddy Knop, Das Spice; mo.ë; Vienna

- Beatmaker Sessions; Fluc; Vienna


- Salon Skug with Discozma Sound System; Rhiz; Vienna

- theclosing & Fm Zombiemaus @ Panarium Festival; Das Werk; Vienna

- theclosing & Fm Zombiemaus @ premium sunday; Rhiz; Vienna

- Lay-Up! vasárnapi ambient electronika with Take Care Of Electric Sheep; Akvárium; Budapest (HUN)


- LICHENISIERUNG/beauty with Anna Kohlweis and Matthias Peyker; Brut im Künstlerhaus; Vienna

- with Cars&trains, Big Spider´s Back; Druckluft; Oberhausen (GER)

- CIRCLE INTO SQUARE-Labelnight with Cars&trains, Big Spider´s Back; Fluc; Vienna

- Nix Back In The Days - Hiphop Festival with Babel Fishh+Oskar Ohlson+Winterismyname, Zugezogen Maskulin, James Reindeer, Form, Parkwaechter Harlekin, Son Kas, Smokey 131, Kunta Shytooth, Mono:Massive, Manuskript, Angry Teng, El Ray i.a.; Haus Mainusch; Mainz (GER)

- theclosing presents "The Way To M" with Mosch, Nikolas Darius u.a.; Rhiz; Vienna


- female in progress 2; Grünspan - Plattform für Kunst und Kultur im Drautal; Feffernitz; Carinthia

- F.Geo and friends meet the sonic shelter; Aula of the Academy of Fine Arts; Vienna

- Theoral releaseparty; Celeste; Vienna

- theclosing & Christian Bazant-Hegemark @ Young artists from Bratislava and Vienna, Cultural Institute of Slovakia Vienna; Vienna

- Sunday Premium; rhiz; Vienna


- Sauna 2010 - Festival für extensive Kunst; Brut im Konzerthaus; Vienna

- faunetic-faunethik-faunatic with Amere Meander; Kro art contemporary; Vienna

- Club Moozak with One Man Nation; Fluc; Vienna

- Magazin Opening: A room is a room is a room; Magazin; Vienna

- Die Imaginäre-Franz-Graf-Klasse; Xpedit Kiosk; Vienna


- Wo der Pfeffer wächst; Kro art contemporary; Vienna


- with Subtle; Rhiz; Vienna

- with Jel; pmk; Innsbruck; Tyrol

- with Débruit and Okyo; Tuewi; Vienna

- with Take Care Of Electric Sheep; Tuewi; Vienna

- with Zucchini Drive, Bleubird und Nomad; pmk; Innsbruck; Tyrol


- La Petite Mort; Kunst- und Musikfestival mit Dirac, Glim, Fm Zombiemaus, Glutamat, i.a. ; Slavonice (CZE)

- 15 Years Skug Jubilee-Party; pmk; Innsbruck; Tyrol

- Laton - Skug - Anniversary Act with Pomassl, Alois Huber, Philipp Quehenberger; Szene; Vienna

- minimax no_001; musicfestival with Alois Huber, Auxpan, Benzo, Infra Red Army, Mombus, Pomassl, Philipp Quehenberger, Radius, Carl Michael von Hauswolff, Zavoloka u.a. ; Bratislava (SVK)


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